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French Group 4 

We are a beginners French group which has been running for a number of years.  Progress has been made but it has been slow.  We use DVD's, CD's - (Michel Thomas) and games, as well as various books & magazines.  We learn collaboratively with all members contributing to sessions.


It is a constant battle to get our pronunciation correct so we use apps that some of our members have on their phones. Despite our slow progress we really enjoy our meetings together, which are held in members homes.


Whilst our group is full there is no reason why a group of like minded people couldn't start their own language group using the wealth of materials that are available.  Our advice would be to keep a group small so that everyone is encouraged to join in.


Anyone interested in beginning French should contact Ian Forrest, the groups co-ordinator, on 01768 483526.  Alternatively you could email