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Alan Beale has agreed to act as convenor for a revived photography group.  His aim is to attract both beginners and those with some expertise and experience.  Mobile phones have ever more sophisticated cameras and are able to take good quality pictures, an advantage being that many people carry them everywhere.  For some however, serious photography means a digital single lens reflex camera.  Either way, Alan believes the subject matter is the point and feels that here in Cumbria we are spoilt for choice.  The activities of the group could cover learning, sharing and showing, with occasional guest speakers, although this would be guided by the feelings of the group.  Learning and sharing could cover taking pictures and techniques for improving them afterwards using readily available software.  Anyone interested should ring Alan on 07414656268 or send an email to him on


Below are some examples of Alan's work

Scruffy the Tit 2 Geese Flying_edited-1