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Writing for Pleasure meets on the 4th Wednesdays of the month at 2.00. The contacts are Dorothy Cadwallader/Hazel Stansfield. Hazel can be contacted on 01768 483587.


The Writing for Pleasure group is exactly what it says.  We are a miscellaneous collection of writers who like words, whether rhyming, rhythmic, romantic or ruminative.  We meet on the fourth Wednesday of each month, except December, in Newbiggin, Stainton, and read whatever we have managed to produce, on a theme agreed at the previous gathering.  We try to be helpful, and not dismissive to each other, and occasionally, someone produces something exceptional.  We often have a ten minute scribble on a surprise subject at the meeting, and some fascinating work can arise.

All that said, it is often hilarious and always pleasurable to hear the variety of writing on a single topic by different minds.  We welcome the inexperienced, as well as the more accomplished to our monthly wordsmithing, and never mind if the result is short or long.  We are not a Creative Writing group in the usual sense, though we do write, and we are inventive.